Stainless Steel Wire Springs

For over 85 years, General Wire Spring has offered compression springs, extension springs, torsion spring, and wire forms manufactured using stainless steel spring wire. Our staff has the experience to assist you in selecting the best stainless steel alloy for your application and to manufacture a custom spring steel wire that meets or exceeds your expectations. You can be assured that your springs will be delivered to you fast and ready for your production line.

Stainless steel spring wires are economic, general purpose wires that provide high tensile strength coupled with good to superior corrosion resistance and magnetic properties.

Wire Type
Nominal Analysis
Modulus of Elasticity E
Modulus in Torsion
Max Operating Temp. F
Rockwell Hardness
Custom Spring Design
Stainless Steel Wire AISI 302/304 ASTM A 313 Cr 17.-19.% Ni 8.-10.% 28 (193) 10 (69.0) 550 C35-45 Request a Quote
AISI 316 ASTM A 313 Cr 16.-18% Ni 10.-14.% Mo 2.-3.% 28 (193) 10 (69.0) 550 C35-45 Request a Quote
17-7 PH ASTM A 313 (631) Cr 16.-18.% Ni 10.-14.% Al 0.75-1.5% 29.5 (203) 11 (78.5) 650 C38-57 Request a Quote

  • AISI 302/304 Stainless Steel Wire Springs

    – This is the most popular stainless steel alloy for springs, exhibiting good tensile strength, high corrosion resistance, good heat resistance, and slight magnetic properties. It maintains its strength at temperatures up to 550 degrees F. 302/304 is cold drawn and meets ASTM A 313 standards.
  • AISI 316 Stainless Steel Wire Springs

    – 316 stainless steel wire exhibits better corrosion resistance than 302/304 alloy wire, though it has less tensile strength. It has superior cold forming properties and exhibits short term tensile and creep strength at temperatures up to 550 degrees F. It is used for springs in corrosive environments that do not require high impact or load strength. It meets ASTM A 313 standards.
  • 17-7 PH (AISI 631) Stainless Steel Springs

    – An excellent material for all types of spring applications, 17-7 stainless steel wire offers long life under extreme conditions. It exhibits superior fatigue properties, elasticity, strength-to-weight ration, high yield strength, ductility, and good corrosion resistance, at temperatures up to 650 degrees F.   It meets ASTM A 313 standards.

General Wire Spring is proud of our reputation for delivering custom stainless steel spring & SS spring wire quickly, to specifications, and at competitive prices. Whether you need a prototype or full production run, we can provide you a custom spring that will meet your exact needs. Call today to see how we can solve your stainless steel spring manufacturing challenge.