High Carbon Steel Spring Wire

General Wire Spring manufactures custom springs using many types of high carbon steel wire, including oil tempered steel wire. We specialize in providing each client with a custom spring that matches your exact application requirements, leveraging over 85 years of experience producing springs for industrial applications. Our staff is available to assist you in selecting the best high carbon steel for your application and will manufacture your springs to specifications and the highest quality standards. You can be assured that your springs will be delivered to you fast and ready for your production line.

High carbon spring steel wires are the most popular steel wires used when manufacturing springs. They are economical, strong, and durable.

Wire Type
Nominal Analysis
Modulus of Elasticity E
Modulus in Torsion
Max Operating Temp. F
Rockwell Hardness
Custom Spring Design
High Carbon Spring Wire Music Wire, ASTM A 228 C 0.70-1.00%, Mn 0.20-0.60% 30 (207) 11.5 (79.3) 250 C41-60 Request a Quote
Hard Drawn ASTM A 227 C 0.45-0.85%, Mn 0.60%-1.30% 30 (207) 11.5 (79.3) 250 C31-52 Request a Quote
High Tensile Hard Drawn ASTM A 679 C 0.65-1.00%, Mn 0.20-1.30% 30 (207) 11.5 (79.3) 250 C31-52 Request a Quote
Oil Tempered ASTM A 229 C 0.55-0.85%, Mn 0.60-1.20% 30 (207) 11.5 (79.3) 250 C42-55 Request a Quote
Carbon Valve ASTM A 230 C 0.60-0.75%, Mn 0.20-1.30% 30 (207) 11.5 (79.3) 250 C45-49 Request a Quote

  • ASTM A228 Music Wire Springs

    Music wire, or piano wire, is used for small springs and has high tensile strength and fatigue life. Music wire springs can withstand high load stress better than most other spring steels and is ideal for cyclic applications. It can be plated after forming. Music wire meets ASTM A 228 standards. Music Wire is also sometimes referred to as Piano Wire.
  • Hard Drawn Wire Springs

    – A medium carbon, cold drawn wire, hard drawn wire springs perform well for applications with average stress loads. It is an inexpensive material used for commercial mechanical springs. Hard drawn wire meets ASTM A 227 standards.
  • High Tensile Spring; Hard Drawn Wire Spring

    – Used for high stress and cyclical spring applications, high tensile wire is strong due to higher carbon content than hard drawn wire. High Tensile spring wire is used to manufacture higher quality commercial springs. It meets ASTM A 679 standards.
  • Oil Tempered Steel Spring Wire

    – Oil tempered wire is a cold drawn wire that is heat treated prior to fabrication.  It exhibits good shock and impact resistance and fatigue properties. It is an economic material and is used for cyclical applications. Oil tempered wire meets ASTM A 229 standards.
  • Carbon Valve Wire Spring

    – A strong wire ideal for cyclic applications, carbon valve wire has uniform, high tensile strength. It is a popular, economic material and meets ASTM A 230 standards.

General Wire Spring offers compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, and wire forms manufactured using high carbon wire.

We are proud of our reputation for delivering custom springs quickly, to specifications, and at competitive prices. Whether you need a prototype or full production run, we can provide you a custom spring that will meet your exact needs. Call today to see how General Wire Spring can solve your spring manufacturing challenge.