About Us

General Wire Spring Family

The storied history of General Wire Spring Company begins in 1930 and includes a memorable first job, a flood, numerous patents and three generations of family ownership. Today’s General Wire Spring is run by a unique management philosophy and continues to build on its legacy with creative new product introductions and a continued emphasis on relationships with employees and customers.

 Abe Silverman founded the company in 1930 after spending several years working for his uncle, Frank Magidson, who was a prodigious inventor. Despite being in the midst of The Great Depression, Abe felt that his ideas and products had real value and would draw a broad customer base. General Wire Spring’s original springs were used in many types of applications, such as oven doors, elevators and highway construction signs.

General Wire Spring’s product development is constantly evolving and the company management team is committed to further research and development that will benefit customers and end users while preserving Abe Silverman’s legacy.

You’ll like doing business with us because we know the importance of getting custom spring orders out quickly, accurately, and at competitive prices. Our large and varied wire spring inventory has helped us to keep pricing stable and lead times short. Whether you need 1 or 1,000,000, we can manufacture compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, and wire forms. Give us a chance to quote on your custom spring needs. Once you try us, you’ll come to count on us as thousands of customers from all over the world have since 1930.