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RFQ Torsion Springs

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Product Information

File Attachment

You may attach your compression form drawing/ diagram, to this form by clicking the browse button below. Please make sure that your file attachment is zipped or that the total file size is under 1MB.

Samples may also be mailed to:
General Wire Spring Co.. - 1101 Thompson Avenue
McKees Rocks, PA 15136

2. Outside Diameter

  • a. in. (mm) max. or
  • b. in. (mm) +/-
    in. (mm)

3. Inside Diameter

  • a. in. (mm) min. or
  • b. in. (mm) +/-
    in. (mm)
  • 4. Torque lb.(N) +/-
    lb. (N) @ at O1=
  • Torque lb.(N) +/-
    lb. (N) @ at O2=

5. Length of space available

6. Maximum wound position turns or degrees from free position.

7. Length of moment arm (R)

8. Direction of helix (L, R or optional)

9. Type of ends

Advisory Data

1. Wire Diameter

2. Mean coil Diameter

3. No. of coils

4. Total No. of Active Coils

5. OF= degrees free angle reference

Special Information

1. Type of material

2. Finish

  • 3. Frequency of rotation
    cycles/sec, and
  • working range in. (mm) to
    in. (mm) of length.

4. Operating temp. (F)

5. End use or application

6. Other